Do you ship world wide?


How long will delivery take?

That all depends on where you live, orders are fulfilled and sent from the US and Europe, so the ETA can vary. Minimum wait time is 7 business days.

What size should I buy?

Size charts are always super confusing, for the best results lay your favourite t-shirt flat on the ground and measure the length, width and sleeves and then compare with the numbers on our SIZE CHART.

How do I return my product?

If you are unhappy with a product you have bought from the store please contact info@ultra-rare.com with your order details and the issue you have before returning the product and we can work out the best way to resolve.

Will there be an Ultra Rare _____?

Possibly, this store is a work in progress and new merchandise will constantly be added and removed from the store.

How can I be a part of Ultra Rare?

If wearing and owning the merchandise isn't enough for you, try tagging Ultra Rare in your photos and posts on social media. Ultra Rare is always looking for new talent and collaborators to improve its aesthetic.